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Lash extensions 


Classic Lash Extensions

Want classy natural looking lashes? Then this is the set for you. These provide length and a mascara look for that perfect touch of class. It consists of 1 extension attached to every natural lash ($90) Want to look just a little Flirty? Then book a half set. These are perfect for those wanting to try extensions for the first time ($45)


Light and Fluffy volume 

Want fluffy black lashes with that wow factor? Then Light and Fluffy is the set for you. This is comprised of handmade fans applied to every appropriate natural lash.  To break that down it means that 3 to 4 extensions are applied to every lash. Perfect for everyday wear and those wanting a little more volume. Please allow and hour and a half for service. Price $120


Full and Foxy Volume 

Want full blown foxy dark lashes that can still pass as natural? Then Full and Foxy is perfect! This is a set of 5d/6d handmade volume lashes for full foxy drama. These are applied to every appropriate natural lash using a finer diameter than a light volume set. This protects those gorgeous natural lashes. These are perfect for those who like a bit more drama or for a special event. Please allow an hour and three quarters for the service. Price $135


Hybrid lashes

These are a half classic and half volume set of extensions to provide a little more omph and a touch of sass. Perfect for everyday wear and those wanting just a little more darkness to the lash line. Can be done in a variety of styles to suit your face structure and a full range of colours is a available ($105)


Lash lifts

Lash lift is a chemical curling of the eyelashes to provide ultimate curl while remaining natural. Its perfect for those that want a low maintenance lash treatment that provides a natural looking curl. Tinting is also part of this service ($70)


Betty Boop and Luxe Medium Volume 

Ellipse lashes are up to 70% lighter than traditional extensions while appearing denser. They use flat lashes as opposed to traditional round base extensions. These are perfect for those wanting a longer or denser set than they can normally achieve. As these are so light they have great retention with zero damage to your natural lashes. Betty Boop sets are designed for those that want maximum impact whilst being time poor. These only take an hour and 15 mins and are a type of 2d volume ($105).  Luxe Medium Volume sets are a medium density (think black) set designed for those that want a darker fluffy lash line than traditional volume can achieve ( $130). 


Mega Glam Volume

Want the darkest most dense lash set possible?? Then you can't go past a Mega Glam Volume set . These are the darkest most dense lashes currently on the market. Available in legths up to 15mm and a variety of curls. Not for the faint-hearted but perfectly gorgeous in every way ($145)

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