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Hybrid Brows

Hybrid dye is the new brow colour technology on the market. Like henna it stains the skin as well as the hair creating a longer lasting colour for the brow. Hybrid dye stains the skin for up to 5 days and the hair for around 5 weeks. There are more colour options available than traditional brow tint meaning that you can get the perfect colour for you. The hybrid brow service includes a brow sculpt so you can achieve the brows you want.


Brow Lamination

Have you got unruly brows or hair that grows in the wrong direction?Lamination is perfect for correcting the direction of the hair and creating that perfect brow. Its also perfect for those wanting a styled brow as it keeps the hair where it should be. Just brush into place in the morning and walk out the door. Our lamination service includes a brow sculpt and hybrid colour all for $70

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