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What to expect at your appointment:

Going to a new service provider can be nerve-wracking!

We want you to be as comfortable as possible, so want to make the appointment process as transparent as possible:


  • After being greeted and welcomed into our room, we will have a quick consultation on possible allergies or other contraindications.

  • We will then cover what your expectations as a client are.

  • We will then mark up your eyes for styling before lying you down and cleaning your eyelashes.

  • Once this is done, pads are applied to the lower lashes, and you get to close your eyes and have a wee nap while the lashes are being applied.

  • It is important to come to your appointment with no eye makeup on, as extensions do not stick to dirty lashes.

  • Once all the extensions are applied, we will brush your lashes, and either mist with water to finish curing the adhesive or wait a few minutes and wash your lashes.

  • They are then dried and the pads are removed before sitting you up so you can see your new improved beautiful lashes.


  • For long-lasting extensions, appropriate home-care is essential.

  • It is important to keep extensions clean.

  • Build up from makeup, exercise and oil from your skin should be removed daily to prevent premature shedding of extensions and to stop the development of eyelid infections.


  • There are several eyelash extension cleansers on the market that can be purchased for this.

  • Brush your extensions daily to keep them in place.

  • Never brush while wet as this can pull them out.

  • Do not rub or pick at your extensions, as this will cause them to fall out and may damage your natural lashes.

  • Avoid mascara as this will also cause premature shedding. Please keep washing your face.

  • It is not true that you can not get extensions wet. In fact, not washing them will make them fall off faster.

  • There is no need to wait 24/48 hours before showering.


Frequently Asked Questions

Comfortable hassle-free extensions

Common questions and answers

Do extensions damage your natural lashes?

If the appropriate weight and length extensions are applied to your lashes with minimal adhesive then no damage is done to your natural lashes. It is important that you as a client choose a trained and experienced lash technician as they will know what type of extensions your eyelashes can support.

Can I choose what length my extensions will be?

The length of your extensions will come down to not only what you as a client wants but also what length your natural lashes can support. If they are too long for your lashes they will droop, twist and damage the follicle which can cause permanent hair loss or lashes that start to point downwards.

Can I wear mascara on extensions?

NO you can not wear mascara with extensions. It is impossible to remove and results in a build up of dirt which not only damages the adhesive bond causing the extensions to fall out faster but also increases the likeliness of developing blepharitis (an eyelid infection)

Do extensions hurt?

NO extensions should never hurt. The process of getting them should be very relaxing. Most of my clients sleep through it. They should also never be uncomfortable in the coming days and weeks. If they are sore, itchy or pinching it is a sign that they have been applied incorrectly with either multiple eyelashes stuck to one extension, or they have been applied to the skin.

How long do extensions last?

Extensions can last up to 4 to 5 weeks. However to keep them looking full a refill is advised every 2 to 3 weeks. As everyone has different skin types and lifestyles they last for different amounts of time for different people. Your friend may well get 5 weeks out of a set of extensions but you might only get 3 and a half. If all your extensions have fallen off after a week something has gone wrong and you should get in touch with the service provider to get this rectified. If they don't know there was a problem it cant be fixed. Sometimes this can come down to a mistake with home-care so its always best to reach out.


How often should I be getting refills?

It is commonly expected in the lash industry that refills should be occurring for most clients around the 2 to 3 week mark. This is because not only will you have lost extensions as they have fallen out with your natural lashes but also some will have grown out along with the natural lash. These need to be removed and replaced as the extensions will start to twist and look untidy.

Can I go swimming or go to the gym with extensions on?

The answer to this is yes you can. If swimming make sure to rinse the chlorine or salt off afterwards with fresh water. This helps maintain the bond. In terms of the gym its best to avoid for the first 6 hours after application. Then the same rule applies as if swimming which is to make sure you clean them afterwards to remove any oils from your sweat as oil breaks down the adhesive bond. Do not rub while drying but let dry naturally and brush or dry on a cold setting with a fan or hairdryer.

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