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Training with Lashworx Nz 

Want the BEST lash training possible in New Zealand? You can have it. As the Otago trainer for Lashworx NZ I provide amazing in-person training which is often one to one or very small groups. Not only do we teach the correct skills you need but also business development and mentoring for as long as you need after completion of your course. Workshops are done within Karmic Lash / Nirvana Clinic by me (Tania) and case studies marked by both myself and Lisa at Lashworx NZ.  Between us we have more than 20 years industry expertise so you can rest assured that we have the right skills to make YOU the best you can be. Join the Lashworx family by booking your training at 


Russian/American Volume 

This is a 1 day course which teaches you all the fundamentals of handmade volume to up your eyelash game. You will be taught several methods of creating handmade fans and all the knowledge volumetric weights for both handmade and premade for safe lashing. Russian volume lashing is premium in the lash world as it provides the ultimate in retention and as you can then use all curls its not dependent on what is available in pre-mades. Also included in this is how to use Ellipse volume flat lashes to provide the darkest most long lasting lashes available on the market. All details are on the Lashworx nz website as are all product details. Training fee includes the kit


Classic eyelash extensions 

Want to start your journey to becoming the BEST lash artist possible? Then this is what you need. We will teach you all the fundamentals to getting it right from the start. We all have to start with Classic Lash training as it teaches safety, theory, proper application and isolation techniques. Tania has much experience with teaching and keeps up to date with all new techniques and products so is well equipped to give you all the knowledge you could possibly need. This 2 day workshop is taught within Nirvana Clinic by Tania. Case studies are then marked by both Tania and Lisa at Lashworx. Between us we have more than 20 years experience in the lash industry. We both have attended several international and national trainings with the best trainers in the world! We both still work within the industry so have real knowledge of what skills are needed to become the best lash tech possible and have trained multiple lash techs between us. This means we KNOW the right way to teach the skills required. Why go somewhere else when you can go to the best. 

 Lashworx is one of the first lash companies to exist with NZ and has the best products available and these are included in the lash kits. Lashes taught include Classic, Flat lashes, W, Premade and YY application so you can leave knowing how to create beautiful Classic and Hybrid sets. This is a Lashworx NZ accredited course so when you have completed all the components you leave with a lash certificate that is well recognized in New Zealand and Australia.

 The clinic is set up so students can use the space to complete case studies in a safe beautiful environment. On the first day of this 2 day workshop we will cover theory,  proper tweezer use, adhesive dipping and application on a mannequin during the morning. The first set on a real person is done during the afternoon (classic). Day 2 covers hybrid application on models 2 and 3. How to refill a set and safe removal. We then discuss case studies.  A manual and workbook for case studies is included  For more information go to 

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